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About Us

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Here is a little bit about Meow Defense and me:  My name is Lizzy. Since I was about fifteen, I've been carrying pepper spray around with me since I used to walk to school and take public transportation around. When I was about seventeen, I discovered defense keychains both the cat and dog version. I used to carry those around as well. As I got older I realized I would catch myself explaining to others why I carried self defense weapons because they would ALWAYS ask (a little annoying tbh). Then I noticed most companies super over charge for pepper sprays, kitty knuckles, tasers/stun guns, knives.. Etc. 

I moved out of my mom's a week or so after I graduated and at somepoint, I needed a little extra cash. From there Meow Defense Shop was born! I am a one gal show. I literally do everything. I'm here to offer inexpensive self defense weapons that most companies charge anywhere between a few bucks to double (sometimes even triple) what I charge. I'm also here to street the importance of carrying weapons for men and women. When I have time, I do post tips on how to carry items and I do try my best to raise awareness about domestic abuse. Most importantly, raise awareness on how to help prevent sexual assault. Sexual assault is never a victim's fault but we do have to take precautions in the world we live in. I also offer free replacements. Higher power forbid anything ever happens to you, but if it does and your self defense items get lost or broken, just send a copy of the police report and I'll send ya some replacements.

Remember that you don't need to purchase from me, you can purchase anywhere you want (especially if you find something cheaper somewhere else). Build up strength, learn to fight with a great technique if you don't want to purchase weapons but please always remember that if you do buy any products from my site that they are not toys. Either weapons or a home collection (in case you just like pretty knives lol) and please remember always LEARN to use weapons and have easy access to them when you're out and about.

Stay Safe!!